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KAL- Nemm G eAuto is a 3 wheeler Electric Auto manufactured by the Kerala Automobile Limited, the public sector company undertaken by the government of Kerala Province, India. According to the testimonials and case studies, Nrs. 75 Paisa costs to travel 1KM.

What are the features of Neem-G?

Neem-g is modern technological production in the Electro Automotive Sector, there are various features of Neem-G, following are the key features of KAL Neem G:

  1. Neem G eAuto  has the capacity to deliver 50 KM per hour speed.
  2. Neem G eAuto  has a 40V lithium li-ion battery, which has capacity to travel 130 KM in one time fully charged. 
  3. Neem G eAuto  has fast-charging technology, the lithium Li-ion battery will fully  charge in 3 hours and 55 minutes.
  4. Kerala Automobile Limited is providing a 3 years warranty on battery for Neem g eAuto.
  5. The power consumption of Neem G charging system is well optimized, it can be charged easily in home electricity sockets.
  6. Neem G eAuto  has a capability to lift-up upto 30 degree slope on roads, which can deliver easy transportation in hilly regions too. 

Which Company importing/distributing Neem G eAuto in Nepal?

Neem G eAuto is imported /distributed by “Himalaya Motorrad”,  the sub sector of the repeated business organization/group of Nepal “Himalaya Organization”. The corporate office of “Himalaya Motorrad” is located in Pokhara Nepal.

How will the Neem G eAuto be distributed to dealers all over Nepal?

“Himalaya Motorrad” is collaborating with the interested candidates/firms to dealership. Registered business /firms will be selected for the dealership. You can contact with importer /distributor by using following methods or paste your interest  by going to this link: general form for the dealership

Direct Call: General Manager: 9856037349

Direct email: |


Detailed Technical Specification of KAL-Neem G eAuto:

Vehicle data

Basic model: Kerala Neem G

Type / Description:  3 Wheeler

Category of the vehicle:  L5M


Type / Description: Handle Bar Steering

Ratio: 1:1


Type / Description: Swing Arm Suspension at the front and Leaf Spring Suspension at the rear

Shock absorbers: Front – 2 Nos Hydraulic, Telescopic, Rear – 2 Nos Hydraulic, Telescopic


Service brake: (Brief description) Dual Hydraulic Circuit with TMC, Single control acting on all wheels.

Front (Disc / Drum): Drum – Hydraulic

Rear (Disc / Drum): Drum – Hydraulic

Parking brake: Mechanical

Wheels and tyres

Wheel rim size; OD – 231 mm, ID – 136.5 mm

Tyre size designation including ply rating: 4.00” – 8” (6 PR)

Speed index: E

Load index / Load rating: 76

Tyre Type: Cross, Tube

Weights (in kg)

Vehicle kerb weight :310 Kgs

Vehicle kerb weight together with rider (reference weight) :460 Kgs

Gross Vehicle Weight :600 Kgs

Description of The Traction Battery

Kind of Electro – Chemical Couple: Lithium Ion

Nominal Voltage (V): 60 V

Battery Maximum Thirty Minutes Power (Constant Power Discharge) (kW) :5.4 kW

Battery Capacity, Ah in 2 h :90 Ah

Traction Motor

Make: KAL

Working Principle: BLDC

Direct current / alternating current / number of phases: D C

Separate excitation / series / compound: Separate

Type: Dual Geared

Use : Mono motor / multi motors (number): Mono

Maximum Power (kW): 2.2 kW

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